About Us

Our journey began in 2014 under the name of AKSU MANTOLAMA, back then company’s purpose was serve the Turkish market with the best quality and wide range of products. After several succesful years we have decide to share our know-how on isolation and decorations with rest of the world. This is how ECO DEC created.


Since then our sole purpose is create aesthetic buildings while being kind to environment and providing tailor made solutions. Our designs inspires from the people who stands no longer to plain buildings and enegry waste.


ECO DEC’s main motto is providing original designs to fulfill people needs. In terms of Exterior and Interior design we can offer more than top quality and prefection. We are not just offering products, we are offering professional service and high quality sustanable solutions.   


 We can  design your buildings as you imagined and produce insulation-decoration materials according to your request. We are the children of 21th century, and we know time is precious for this reason we are providing opportunity to easily decorate your own home with our simulation videos, which provide easy installation advantage without losing time in the assembly of incoming materials.


We have aimed to create a different signature in the world with our boutique works. At the same time, thanks to the energy savings provided by our products, we will provide budget savings advantage as well as visual aesthetics.


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